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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Extraordinary Princess Fox Plush

I am the worst at keeping up with blog posts. With all of the other sources of media (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, website, Etsy, etc.) It's sometimes overwhelming to stay up to date with them all. But I wish I blogged more because, I know personally I like to find and read new blogs a lot. I especially love to see how a certain product evolved. I am obsessed with finding out meanings of things... Lyrics to a song, or where an artist gained inspiration for a certain piece, and this list goes on...

The latest addition to the shop is the Extraordinary Princess Fox. I love them, and Grace approves... so that is always a plus! My inspiration for them (like much of what I create) comes from her. These little off beat plush dolls embody a new chapter in which I am going through with her now and that is, her having a voice in what she wears. While some mornings can be frustrating as we are rushing out the door for preschool, I am trying to embrace it. She is becoming a little person and I love that. I have to admit that when she dresses up in my clothes, most of the time she rocks stuff way better than I could dream. It is imaginative and confident. Somehow in the mumble jumble of patterns upon patterns, dots upon stripes upon ikat print, it all makes sense to her and in a way, I love it. These little ladies are an ode to that. Being a princess... any kind that you think up.

The amazing print is by Jen from  The Little Illustrator . If you are looking for unique prints for kids and grown ups alike, check her out! :)

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