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Monday, August 5, 2013

Fall Photo shoot ---> Behind the scenes

The last post I wrote was at the start of summer and I can't believe we are already in August! While I do like the summer season, fall is my favorite and we are almost there, woo hoo!

 Fall is always a nostalgic time for me and my life personally, but it is also the time when I officially started Dainty Cheeks to begin with. It all started with an old sweater, some scissors, my sewing machine, and the decision to actually do this thing.

 It has been quite a journey and through it all I would not change a thing. The process of the upcycled sweater dress is well, just that... a process, and a lot of work for each individual piece because each one is just that... and individual. Literally---> One of a kind.  I am trained as a designer and designing is what I love. To gather inspiration (daily really) from everyone and thing I possibly can, then to process it in a way that makes sense to me. But as a maker it doesn't stop there. You must also follow through with the production. Sometimes when you are producing something over and over again, it can be monotonous. That's why I love all the different variables in the upcycled sweater dress. It is challenging... since all knit is not created equal, there is stretching and in turn a lot of thinking involved with patterns measurement, etc. for literally each and every individual sweater. It is a labor of love and I have found that there is beauty in the imperfections of doing anything. Not only in making things, but in life altogether; which has taken me the last 3 years to truly understand and accept.

 That is really where the whole idea and inspiration came from for the Fall line "Live Simply". You will find a lot of neutrals and warm earthy tones and simple appliqu├ęs that appeal aesthetically and meaningfully. One of my favorite pieces in the collection is the “live simply” headband  (which you can find here ---> yup, just click to get yours ;)


Life is about making the best out of what you are given. It's about being grateful and expressing that gratitude daily and really living in a way that makes you happy.

 While you will find the beautiful shots that the amazing @daviddean3 has taken on DCB's  Facebook Page and in the Etsy shop, I really wanted to share some out takes from the day. Not only because they make me laugh and are cute as can be, but because it's all part of the process. Out of roughly 600 pictures, it's funny to think really only a handful are used.

 A very special thanks to my dear friend Angie, for lending her seriously beautiful girls to the project. They are the 3 cutest kids ever and the 4 of them are a blessing to Grace and I. So thank you for not only your support of Dainty Cheeks, but also for just being you!

 And thank you to my awesome customers and friends, family and "fans". Your support is truly overwhelming, and it keeps me certain that this is what I am meant to do. So thank you.

 xo (times infinity)


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