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Friday, January 10, 2014

After the storm.

 I’m really excited about some of the new additions to the Etsy shop. Valentine’s Day was on my mind when I started sketching. It seems that most of the pieces I create are meant for special occasions, but I like to make sure that they can also be worn everyday and would still make sense to wear once that one day passes.

I didn’t always, but this is also how I look at life. I feel like we save all of our celebrating for big benchmarks or occasions. { i.e.: holidays, birthdays, graduations, etc. } but, in the process we somehow blink and miss out on all of the little in between things that fill the majority of our lives. I have missed out on a lot trying to plan for the next “event” and this year I am trying to be more conscious of slowing down and living for one small life celebration, daily.

A few of my favorite new additions to Dainty Cheeks are the flower “crowns” that have been added and will continue to be as more colors/ styles are completed. I am excited because they have been a “work-in-progress” for a little while now and the whole theme and packaging is very personal to me.

Each one comes packaged with a Mumford and Sons quote that was a big part of the beginning stages of Dainty Cheeks. While I usually don’t talk about my personal life on here, and without going into too much detail… I started Dainty Cheeks Boutique in one of the darkest times in my personal life. In the basement of my parent’s house while Grace and I were living there during a transition period. I would go down there after a day of work and then after fulfilling my “momma duties”, once Grace was asleep, I would go down and sew. I would use that time to reflect, and create, and think… Through tears, sadness, anger and self-doubt, during a time when I wasn’t even sure how to get myself up the next morning to soldier on. This is where I created a little bit of beauty called “Dainty Cheeks” in an otherwise ugly time.

The song “After the Storm” came on one night as I sat. I remember feeling a moment of hope... a feeling that was so foreign to me at that time. I remember listening to the words and for the first time, I felt hopeful for what goodness may be down the road with a few simple lines:

                                     “And there will come a time, you'll see, with no more tears
                                      And love will not break your heart but dismiss your fears
                                            Get over your hill and see what you find there
                                         With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair”


I feel like what I do, the creative process is a therapy… It heals. All of the orders I have shipped in the course of Dainty Cheeks’ existence thus far have truly been made and shipped with love. Because of the support I have had from all of you, I have intern been restored and have felt that love back. Words could never express what that means to me and no words could ever show my gratefulness. There are amazing things in store for 2014 and sometimes it just takes a little darkness to make you appreciate all of the goodness there is in the light of daily life.
xo (times infinity),


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